10 Apps And Online Tools To Help You Quit Smoking


Most people know the dangers of smoking and many have been trying to quit for a long time. While some find it easy to quit, others find it quite difficult. Various tools and resources can be used to fight the battle against smoking.

Technology has made accessing information easy and you can find online information from different websites, Smartphone apps and even twitter tools to help you to kick the habit permanently. The following are some helpful resources that you should consider.

1. Cost of smoking calculator

A resource from Cancer.org can help you to calculate how much you spend on cigarettes. Hopefully, when you see how much money you waste every month or every year, and how much you can save by quitting, you can get the motivation you need to kick the habit. The website also offers information about why you should quit and how you can start the quitting process.

2. Determinedtoquit.com

The resource that has been developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health has a lot of helpful information to help you quit smoking. Some of the resources include support messages, progress charts, video blogs and messages from people who have quit smoking.

3. Smoking risk calculator

If you want to know how many years you are taking off your life every time you smoke, you need the resource that is available at VaporCigarette.com. The calculator will show you how much time you have lost because of smoking and will shock you into quitting the habit.

4. Quit START app for teens

This app is created specifically for teens smokers. Developed by the National Cancer Institute, the app and website offer information to students about the negative health effects of tobacco smoking. The teens learn about how they can fight against peer pressure from their schoolmates and also on smoking triggers. Using the app, you can keep track of your challenges, mood and daily progress.

5. Quitforyou.org

The Great American Smokeout has an official site where they offer tools for those who want to quit smoking. Here you can access ‘frequently asked questions’ about smoking and the harmful health effects of the habit. This resource will give you important facts about how smoking affects your life.

6. Quitext.com

This is a subscription-based service running over six weeks, during which time you receive text messages from people who have quit smoking. The ex-smokers offer you encouragement in your effort. Knowing that someone else has done it will encourage you to keep up the fight. You can also receive desktop images, and messages on your homepage or website. All this information is aimed at encouraging you to keep going.

7. NCI QuitPal

The National Cancer Institute designs this mobile app for adult smokers. You can use it to keep a record of the number of days you have been smoke free. You can also record the challenges you have faced along the way. You can even share the information about your successes with your social network. This will help to keep you accountable and you will find that you do not want to ruin your record for one cigarette. You can also use the app to keep track of health milestones.

8. Whyquit.co

This resource allows you to access real-life stories, essays and guides on quitting. You can get helpful information that will help you to take the first step and keep you smoke free. You can get tips on how to avoid relapsing.

9. Quitmeter.com

One of the negative consequences of smoking is the cost. If you want to know how much the habit costs you, enter details about the day you quit, the number of cigarettes you smoke every day or week and how much each pack costs you. This will allow you to know how much you will save when you quit.

10. Stobacco.com

Having a support system can help you in your efforts to quit smoking. With this resource, your friends can monitor your progress. Any time someone spots you smoking, they report it and everyone can discuss it. Having people in your business can be the trigger you need to quit.

When you quit smoking, it can be the best decision you can make for your health. It will improve your overall health, make you feel better physically and even help you to have more money at your disposal.


Jayden believes that by using an online smoking risk calculator among other tools can help you make the first realization that quitting smoking has to start today.

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