10 Easy and Excellent Ways to Be Fit In 15 Minutes of Exercise

Everybody wants a beautiful body? Who doesn’t anyway? Just imagine how people around you will be amazed and dropped their jaws as you pass by them. However, not everyone is gifted to have a sexy body that they can be proud of. If you are one of those persons who are in constant pursuit for the best ways to get fit, then read on.

Many experts recommend doing work out of at least 45 minutes every day to lose weight and be fit. However, not everyone has the time to spare for this activity. With the demand of everyday routines, people will not be able to find time to squeeze exercise in their daily schedule. Recent studies have shown that just performing 15 minutes of exercise can greatly help in keeping you fit and healthy. Even the busiest schedule can certainly afford to spare at least 15 minutes of exercise daily. The key is finding the perfect exercise routine which must be coupled with proper diet plan.

1. Performing Cardio

Perform cardio exercises like walking, running or biking for 5 minutes. The benefits of cardiovascular exercises are boundless. It increases the heart rate to vigorous range which has positive impact on the body including weight loss. The heart is a muscle and performing routines which trigger it to work harder numerous benefits will be given to the body. As it works harder, huge amount of oxygen are pushed through it which in turn keeps the plaque particles or the fat stored in the body to keep moving through the veins. By regularly doing it for few minutes can mean more calories that are burned every day.

2. Pushups

 Your cardio exercises can be best followed by pushups which are the exercise which many people have done or tried to do towards the goal of losing weight. The latter is a well rounded exercise which helps in strengthening the muscles and building stamina by using the body resistance.  This body weight exercise targets the different muscles including triceps, chest and shoulder. When you have leaner muscles, it can significantly help in boosting metabolism and burning more calories in the body which results in weight loss. This will also keep you fit for longer period as it helps in preventing bones loss.

3. Squats

You can also perform few minutes of regular squats and jump squats. Squats are compound exercise which means that when you perform them, you are involving numerous muscle groups.  Muscle mass will need high caloric energy in order to grow and repair it. This means that as you add muscle mass on the body, the metabolism is ignited allowing the body to burn more calories.

4. Walking Lunges

You can also perform few minutes of walking lunges.  This is a moderately intense lower body exercise which will not only tone the buttocks but also strengthen it. It helps in increasing heart rate and muscle mass which speeds up metabolism to lose weight. You can burn up to 60 counts of calories with just 15minute of this workout. if the activity will be spread out for several 15 minutes all throughout the day, significant amount of calories will be burned. You can get the best weight loss effect of walking lunges if this is combined with other cardio exercises.

5. Planking

The15 minute of regular exercise must also include planking routine which will develop muscle abs and your core strength.  Planking is a kind of strength training exercise that involves maintenance of stationary position for certain period of time. This is ideal for strengthening the core muscles such as abs hips and butt. When we have strong muscles, the fat burning process is also hastened which means more calories and fats are burned. Those who want to have gorgeous flat tummies must do this for few minutes if they are on 15 minute regular exercise plan.

6. Russian Twist

Walking plunges can also be coupled with Russian twist especially for those who have problem with their bellies. This also has the effect of speeding up metabolic process as it tones the muscles in the abs. with just few minutes of execution of this exercise done daily, there will be fast burning of the accumulated fat in the belly area to have a more defined stomach and waist.  This can be done in several variations in order that it will match the fitness level that you desire to achieve.

7. Bur Pees

Doing bur pees can also be an ideal 15 minute workout to be fit. This is an aerobic exercise which works on the entire body. It involves the arms, the neck, torso, back and legs. It accelerates calories burning since it includes many muscles in fats movements. When performing regular exercise, you must ensure that you are always properly hydrated.

8. Proper Diet

While exercise can help in weight loss, it must at all times be coupled with proper diet.  Proper diet food plans and regular exercise is the key to great weight loss. Low fat diet is one of the best weight loss diet programs available in the market today.  The idea is to provide nutritionally balanced meal plan for dieters which decrease their fat intake. Most of the programs personalizes the menu and allow the dieter to choose from food list for each of their meals. The meal plans have pre counted and pre programmed nutritional value in terms of calorie and fat content.

9. Medifast Shakes

Incorporating Medifast shakes in your exercise and diet plan ensures that you get the proper nutrition while at the same time lose weight. It is complete in terms of calorie content, carbs, protein and fiber which are needed by the body to function properly.

10. Discipline

If you truly want to be fit and achieve the body that you have been dreaming of, then you must integrate disciple on yourself. Discipline is just like your muscles. The more that it is regularly trained the more that it will become stronger. If you will be dedicated in living healthy lifestyle and forget the unhealthy habit, you will surely be successful in your goals.

The idea of being fit using 15-minute exercises is to cut down on the accumulated fats in the body.  Thus, with just 15 minutes of daily exercise coupled with healthy meal shake plans, you definitely will maintain a healthy and fit body. You can also check out this website https://www.crioceras.com/ to get detailed information about maintaining your body fitness.

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