10 Ways To Use Promotional Products Online


Marketing merchandise, when used in conjunction with an internet advertising campaign, can help to reinforce your brand image and promote your company to a wider audience. To find out how you can incorporate free gifts into your online campaigns, read the following list of suggestions.

1.Run monthly competitions with prizes for the best entrants. This type of marketing strategy encourages people to visit your website on a regular basis and provides a simple way to distribute corporate gifts at the same time.

Offer free gifts to people that respond to email questionnaires. Digital mailshots can be very effective but only if the recipients of your emails actually read what you have to tell them. By including a short questionnaire and rewarding respondents with a free gift, you can ensure that this is the case.

02. Invite visitors to post pictures of themselves using your products and send them a gift to thank them for their efforts. If your organisation already has an effective mobile SEO campaign in place, you can take advantage of this fact by encouraging people that browse your site on their smartphone to send a snap of themselves using your products when they are out and about.

03. Include a marketing giveaway with every order. For companies that accept online orders, this can be a very effective way to distribute corporate gifts and to make every customer feel special too.

04. Place links on inner pages that lead to forms your visitors can use to claim a free present. By sprinkling such links across your website, you will encourage visitors to explore the whole site and ensure that they do not leave as soon as they land on the homepage. Many websites have problems with high bounce rates and an announcement that there are links on various inner pages that lead to free gifts is one way to ensure that this is not a problem for your company.

05. Send a marketing giveaway to visitors that click on banner ads placed on other websites. If you want to turbocharge your online advertising campaigns, this is an excellent way to do so.

06. Hold a weekly lottery with giveaways as prizes. Invite visitors to your website to leave their email address and then use a simple program linked to the database that contains all the addresses to choose a winner at random every week. An additional benefit of using this approach is that you will be able to collect many email addresses for your advertising mailshots.

07. Use front-end script to choose recipients of gifts at random. This is quite an effective way to distribute giveaways but you need to make sure that it is done in an unobtrusive manner. Whether you are giving away promotional products in Canada or elsewhere in the developed world, visitors will be wary of large pop-ups with brightly-colored text. It is best to be subtle when using this technique.

08. Hide prize links across your site. This approach is similar to number 5 but the idea is not to let people know they will receive a prize until they have actually clicked on the links.

10.  Invite visitors to apply for free gifts directly. This is the simplest approach and one that can be highly effective.

There are numerous ways in which you can incorporate the distribution of marketing giveaways into your online advertising campaigns; the above are just a few that spring to mind. Whichever approach you choose, make sure that the items you are giving away are of a reasonable quality so they will be appreciated by the recipients.

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