4 Tips for Picking a Fun Party Costume


Are you ready to party in style? Choosing a costume for any type of festivity can be a fun experience if you use a few simple tips to jazz up your suit. Go out of character if you want to surprise your friends and get a laugh out of fellow party goers. Keep safety in mind at all times to ensure that you have fun and avoid any potential headaches while wearing your new duds.

Go out of Your Character

Going out of character is key to selecting a fun party costume. If you are a sports fan just about everybody can guess your costume of choice so throw them for a loop and be a nerd, or a scientist, or some character entirely out of your field of comfort, to have a blast when dressed up in costume. The goal is to surprise people around you — and yourself — by choosing a costume which shocks your friends. By being someone nobody can picture you being, you will have a lot more fun and generate many more laughs. On the flip side of thing, maybe a bookworm can dress up like a football player, or basketball star. Focus on the idea of catching people off guard to create a memorable experience.

But Be in Costume Character

OK, now you are out of character, dressed up as someone who is well out of their comfort zone. Once you, the bookworm, are dressed up like a professional football player you better play the role to the hilt by accessorizing. You need to dab black streaks under your eyes, with eye black, add grass stains to your knees and walk around with a set of water bottles to drill home the point that yes, you are a professional football player, not someone who is dressed up as a football player. Sell your costume and sell your character, whether you are dressed up as a football player, a refrigerator, or a fairy godmother. By selling your role and being in full character you will become one popular, festive performer, instead of being a person who is dressing up for some event or party.

Be Safe

Doing your costume research before selecting your new suit can create a more enjoyable experience. If your goal is to dazzle your friends remember to keep safety in mind, as wearing a costume which results in a trip to the emergency room can spoil your day quickly. Make sure your outfit is non-flammable and walk around in your suit to avoid any tripping hazards. You want to have a fun time and breaking your arm or catching on fire will immediately dampen your mood.

Choose a Costume which Complements Your Figure

Whether you are choosing plus size halloween costumes or skimpier, tight numbers, you want to select a suit which complements your figure to enjoy the experience. You can go out of character and select something risqué or you can choose a more conservative selection but you will tend to have the most fun if you feel confident in your costume.

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