5 Safety Tips for Using a Box Baler


You can save yourself considerable time and energy by using a baler to crush cardboard boxes.  Warehouse workers typically race against the clock trying to reach demanding quotas. Using bailers can free up precious man hours if employees learn how to properly operate the machine. Keep safety in mind at all times to crush boxes and reduce the risk of injury.Do not allow inexperienced workers to use the machine before receiving detailed instructions on how to crush cardboards mechanically with a baler. Be aware that humid environments and locations prone to drastic temperature changes can affect the integrity of the machine. If you are attempting to install the baler contact the manufacturer with questions and install in accordance to federal, state and local codes.

Use Safety Gloves

Bailing wire can cause serious injuries. Wear gloves if you need to handle the wire while operating the device. Sharp baling wire can lacerate bare hands. Using gloves reduces the likelihood of cutting yourself.

Wear Safety Glasses

Box balers pose as a safety hazard as sections of cardboard might be projected during operation of the machinery. Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from damage. Invest in a durable set of glasses or goggles to guard your eye area from dangerous projectiles.

Analyze the Baler before Use

Check the condition of the cardboard baler before use. Be on the lookout for loose wires which could cause an electrical or fire hazard. Open the hopper door to make sure no debris rests inside. Search for any notifying tags place by your company’s safety team. Figure out how to use a baler before operating the machine for the first time as many balers perform functions differently than other machines. Become comfortable with the steps you need to take to effectively use the baler prior to using the machine. If you are unsure of how to proceed consult your company’s safety department or the manufacturer for instructions on how to safely use the baler.

Obey Operational Protocols

Make sure the baler is free of chemicals, glass or other dangerous materials before operating the machine. Ask for help if you need to move large loads. During compacting position yourself to the rear or side of the baler to avoid injury.  Shut down the machine and take the key out after you are done with the machine.  Consult your safety team to receive the latest updates on how to use the device safely.

Do Not Allow the Ease of Use to Fool You

Although box balers are easy to use you must educate yourself about potential hazards to avoid serious injury. If you stand in the wrong spot or ignore some other precautionary measure you can suffer serious injury. Learn how operate the machine safely by consulting with the appropriate parties and never skip a safety step to reduce the risk of injury. Take time to do things the safe way to preserve life and limb.

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