5 Statement Necklaces For Your Winter Ensembles


Statement necklaces are having a moment this season, so box up your modest silver lockets and express yourself with the wackiest accessories out there. You’d be surprised at how versatile bold necklaces can be, and there are show-stopping pieces of jewellery for everyone; no matter whether you are preppy princess or a punk chick. For women who want to make their accessories do all the work, our five statement necklaces are perfect to spruce up any tired or plain outfits.


This three-tiered necklace by Tom Binns is made out of Swarovski crystal, but don’t be put off by the glamorous effect. The almost seamless transition between tiers gives this necklace a breathtaking effect. Matched with a turquoise dress, you’ll look like an exotic dream, and it’ll only cost you a bargain price of £805! Okay, so maybe this necklace is outside most people’s budgets, but we thought this work of art just had to be included.

All Tied Up

Marni has introduced a resin bead and ribbon necklace which has an element of gothic chic. The harsh, Victorian black of the ribbon goes perfectly with the dainty, ballerina pink of the beads. This would look fantastic with a little black dress, or a plain white t-shirt, for a more casually fabulous style. Not quite as pricey as the Day-Glo necklace, but still a bank-breaker, this gorgeous accessory will cost you £420. Start saving now!

Flower Power

Tatty Devine has answered our prayers with this unusual flower necklace in all-black. This Mexican inspired gem would look stunning with a white summer dress or matched with jeans and a shirt. It’ll cost you £84, but this necklace is worth every penny. It’s an ideal addition to a boho wardrobe and should be matched with a bright dress. No need for any extra accessories, like earrings – Tatty Devine’s Embroidery necklace completely steals the show.

Get the Point

Now we’re in home territory. Topshop’s triangle drop chain necklace will only set you back a mere £16.50, but comes in a striking purple-blue, stitched onto a metal framework. This necklace is only for the bravest of the fashion-forward, and would look amazing with a grey, batwing jumper and a black mini skirt. Beware that the construction of this sexy accessory is reminiscent of fluffy handcuffs! So be careful where you wear it.

Stud Muffin

Embrace the trend of 2012 with this edgy collar from Zara. The girls of Made In Chelsea have loved the studs this season, and Zara have been pioneering the trend on their coats, knitwear, bags, even shoes! Toughen up the prettiest of dresses with this collar for just £19.99.

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