5 Super Cool Gadget Wristwatches


Gone are the days when wearing a watch meant you could just tell the time. These days, watches can do all sorts of amazing things, from doubling up as a mobile phone to allowing you to design your own watch strap. And what’s more, they look really funky too.We take a look at 5 of the best quirky watches that are available right now…

1 .TV Wrist watch

Whoever would have thought it? You can watch television on your wristwatch. There will be no need to worry about setting the Sky+ or missing your favorite show ever again with a super-cool TV Wristwatch VTV-201.

 With its 1.5-inch screen and one-hour battery life, it’s perfect for watching sneaky TV wherever you are.

  1. Remote control wrist watch

You will never have to panic about where you left the remote control if you are wearing it as a wristwatch. Casio’s CMD-40-1ZT watch can be programmed to control no fewer than sixteen devices, as well as being a calculator, stopwatch, alarm and, of course, a watch.

 It’s perfect for gadget enthusiasts as it will control your television, stereo, DVD player and loads more. You will never have to leave the sofa again.

  1. Walkie-Talkie wrist watch

You can pretend that you’re James Bond with a walkie-talkie wristwatch. This is a cool invention which means you can stay in touch with a friend or colleague wherever you may be.

 Some models such as the AGPTek have a range of up to 6km, perfect for activities such as hiking or camping. This is a brilliant item which is loads of fun.

  1. Spy Watch

Why not play ‘Big Brother’ with a Spy Watch camera wristwatch. With a mini video camera hidden inside a real watch, you can secretly take videos, record notes to yourself or go undercover to take photos.

 After all, who knows when you’ll suddenly need a video camera to hand?

  1. Design your own watch

If you want a wrist watch which is totally personal and unique to you then a ‘Draw Your Own Design Watch’ is the one for you. Effectively a blank canvas, this white watch can be drawn on with a pen, pencil or marker. A great gift for any arty type, its design is clean and simple, allowing you to get to work with your individual creation.

 These products are some of the best and quirkiest but the list of gadget watches is never ending. You could also choose to have a mobile-phone watch, a heart-rate monitor watch or a watch with a compass. You can even organise your life with a watch that doubles up as a PDA. All of these features come at just the touch of a button on your wrist.

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