5 Things That Can Damage Your Computer


When it comes to computer damage, Industrial PC Enclosures are the real guards. Keeping the computer in an open space exposes it to environmental hazards that affect its functionality. To find out more about what you may do to protect a computer from damage, visit this website: https://divyashakthysofttech.com/ 

The five main environmental dangers that can damage your computer are:

Cigarette smoke

Whether you are a chain smoker or live with smokers, cigarette smoke is likely to affect your computer. This kind of smoke is usually moist, and it can affect a computer in much the same way it affects you.

Computers usually generate heat and this is what makes them to attract more cigarette smoke from the environment, compared to human beings. This smoke attaches itself on the fan, capacitator, heat sink, keyboard, LCD screens and mouse thus interfering with their functionality.

This kind of smoke contains chemicals and has a yellow color because of the tar it contains. If the heatsink is full of smoke, it cannot breath. The same applies to the fan which cannot cool the computer due to the thick coating of smoke. Excessive heat leads to breakdown of the computer. If you expose your CPU to third part cigarette smoke for three consecutive years, it could easily stop working due to the damage done on its hardware, including the motherboard. To discover more about what happens when computers become overheated, visit this website: https://colonialsun.com/  


Normal spills do not have any harmful effect on the computer, especially if they occur on the surface or the housing of the CPU. However, soaking the fan with water or keeping it moist for a couple of hours can cause irreversible damage. Whether it is because of flooding, a leaking roof or just an accidental contact with moisture, this is the fastest way to kill your computer. Remember also that your computer uses electricity to run, and electricity will never be compatible with water. Your computer can run after the water exposed to it dries, but the fan will not work. a computer that cannot cool itself is as good as dead.


Just like cigarette smoke, dust settles on the heated parts of your computer. Of course, every surface that is exposed to the open air is prone to collect dust, but more dust collects on those areas that are hidden.

The fan and heat sink are the most affected, and they can collect dust for years without giving up. If you notice strings of dust hanging over the fan or heat sink, you need to get a blower as soon as possible in order to restore the functionality of your CPU. The processor can slow down and the fan stop working if you do not take any precautions. To find out more information about how to maintain and clean computer hardware, visit this website: https://www.ins78.com/


The electricity you use to boot your computer can also cause its damage. Electricity generates heat, and overheating can cause permanent damage to the computer. Even though the computer has an internal cooling system, they are prone to breakdown and when this happens, the end of your computer is very imminent.

Power surges are never expected, and this can happen just when you have taken a short break to the cloakroom. Power surges can damage the motherboard, memory, battery meter and many other components. Many computers have died due to regular power surges.


Fire is a risk to all kinds of lives, including the life of your computer. Your computer is not fire-resistant, and so it gets burnt when exposed to fire. Fire outbreak can lead to serious data loss, and even the loss of the entire system.

In conclusion, your computer is exposed to all forms of damage from the environment. You should find the right industrial PC enclosures to safeguard it from environmental hazards and enhance its utility. Furthermore, you can read our articles on this website https://manarax.com/ to get detailed information about modern PCs and other technologies.

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