5 Tips for Buying Hangers


Hanging clothes on the proper hangers can help customers find what they need much more quickly. Utilizing hangers effectively can also preserve and protect clothes while serving as an integral part of any display. Choose thick, curved hangers for your suit section and select tubular hangers for clothes displays like blouses, dress shirts, polo shirts and T-shirts.

Effectively hang delicate knits by employing padded hangers. Preserve your costume, jacket and special outfit displays by taking the padded hanger route. Develop a working budget and set aside storage space for your hanger purchase.

Avoid hanging children’s clothing on adult-sized hangers. Using adult-sized hangers can stretch out smaller clothing. Kid’s hangers usually feature slots and hooks which compliment the loops often found on children’s clothing.

Decide Whether to Keep or Pass on Hangers

Retailers might purchase clothing from manufacturers already placed on hangers. These hangers are usually passed on to customers when clothes are purchased. In some cases retailers design and use custom print hangers. If a retailer wishes to cut costs higher end, expensive hangers are generally re-used if in good condition. Hangers which are sold with clothing are written off as a cost of doing business. Decide if your store will keep or pass on hangers before making a volume purchase.

Visualize the Décor of Your Store

Picture the store atmosphere to select an appropriate hanger. Buying high end hangers for a dollar store would be a waste of money. Blend your purchase with the décor of your retail outlet. Think of the feel of your store. Lightweight, flexible hangers could vibe with a low cost retail chain while sturdy, expensive, ornate hangers would fit well in a boutique store.

Consider the Type of Garment

Choose hangers based on the type of garment being shown. Different hangers serve differ purposes. You would never choose wooden hangers to display T-shirts. Go with a lighter, low cost hanger to show light weight merchandise like T-shirts or underwear. Select teak wooden hangers for expensive three piece suits. Visualize the clothing you wish to show before making your hanger purchase.

Storage Space

Hanger boxes are large containers which tend to take up a significant amount of storage space. Consider where you would place boxes if you want to buy in bulk. Make sure that sales clerks have an organized, neat space where they can place recycled hangers removed from clothing. Stores with little extra space might buy hangers in smaller quantities and pass on when customers purchase clothing.

Choose Accessories

Consider purchasing hanging reachers and rods to make your hanging garments readily accessible. Using size stickers and dividers in your displays can help customers find their desired size more easily. How can you save your customer time? Build your display around the idea of convenience to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

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