5 Tips for Choose a Continuing Care Community


Selecting a continuing care community does not need to be a stressful task. Relinquishing home ownership can be a difficult and uncomfortable enough decision to make so minimizing anxieties related to continuing care is of the utmost importance. Spend time doing thorough due diligence online and offline to find the perfect match for your particular needs.

Familiarize yourself with various communities. Narrow down your list of potential facilities based on your budgetary requirements. Performing in depth research can help you select the right community for you.

Check the Accreditation of the Community

Find out if the community is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities before making your decision. The non-profit organization works to throughout the world to ensure the quality of human service businesses. Receiving a stamp of approval from the Commission means that you can expect a high quality experience living out your golden years in a community for seniors.

Learn about Any Fees before Signing Contracts

Figure out the type of contract which suits you before signing off. Factor in entrance fees to determine if you can work the new move into your budget. Compare different facilities to find a center which best matches your financial situation. Make sure to speak to an accountant and attorney before committing to a community. You might desire to spoil yourself and spend the rest of your life in a top of the line living facility but you might not be able to afford such care. Make a prudent financial decision.

Research the Staff

By learning about the staff of your potential community you can make a comfortable, confident decision. Get to know the individuals who will be assisting you in the future. Speak to staff members. Interview workers to find out how they will be assisting you during your stay in the facility. Staff workers serve a function similar to family members in continuing care communities. You will be speaking to and connecting with the care staff on a daily basis. Make sure you build a strong emotional bond with employees before you decide to choose a facility. Decide whether or not the staff is kind, knowledgeable and willing to meet your specific needs.

Can You Bring Your Furry Friends?

Many seniors count pets as furry family members. Avoid any crushing disappointment after you move into a community by learning if the facility allows pets. Communities might have different policies concerning your best friend. If you are allowed to move in with pets research what the facility offers in terms of space. Make sure your dog has ample space outside to stretch out their legs and play a game of catch.

Research Your Future Social Life

Research recreational and social activities. Moving into a vibrant, happening community rejuvenates you and creates a more pleasant experience. You need to be able to leave your bedroom and let loose frequently to alleviate stress and stay healthy. Attending different events can help you feel like an active, productive member of your community.

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