5 Tips for Increasing Charitable Donations


How charities ask for money can make or break organizations. Buying into a worthy cause can inspire potential donors to offer gifts but poorly-trained volunteers can turn off even the most well-intentioned people. Discovering why someone wants to give provides you with the key to successful fund-raising. Strike an emotional chord with donors to boost your charitable donations and develop a positive reputation among affluent, generous individuals.

Teach to Strengthen Your Cause

Philanthropic advisors suggest educating potential donors about a particular issue to increase awareness of your cause. Explaining what might be working and what’s not working can motivate donors to offer money for solving clearly explained problems. Resist the urge to pitch your cause over explaining why you are asking for money. If a donor clearly sees the need for financial assistance you can increase charitable donations quickly.

Display Strong Leadership to Instill Confidence in Donors

Explain how the money will be put to work and provide detailed updates delving into how the donation was used. Demonstrate strong and capable leadership by ensuring that leaders display fiscal integrity. Individuals or corporations need to know that the money is being used responsibly to support the mission of the charitable organization. Donor loyalty increases if a charity exhibits consistently strong leadership.

Ask Donors Questions Pertaining to their Values and Passions

If you want to boost donations quickly see the giving process from a donor’s perspective. Tapping into the core value or passions or your donors can provide a much needed change up from the average presentation. Spark enthusiasm by discovering what makes your donors tick. Ask questions to see the underlying story of the individual. Find out why and how a donor wants to make a difference through their generous giving.

Avoid Insulting Tactics

Reminding a potential donor how their parents gave freely can be both guilt-inducing and insulting. Move away from any strategy presented from a low energy, desperate place. Charitable organizations can attract more donations by patiently developing strong relationships with donors. Focus on personal experiences of the donor to decide what motivates the individual to make a difference. Attempting to guilt someone can damage a strong relationship during a 3 minute phone call. Avoid asking for inappropriate amounts as asking for too much money can turn off donors and asking for too little can be insulting to individuals.

Persistently Ask for Donations

Hearing 1 or 2 “no’s” does not indicate a potential donor will never give to charities. The timing must be right for some individuals to make donations. Factors such as losing a job, spending more on high school or college tuition or experiencing investment setbacks can delay potential donations. Thank individuals for their time and send “Thank You” notes to previous donors as a kind gesture of appreciation.  Ask to send information about your charity or request for volunteer work to plant seeds for a strong long term relationship and boost future donations.

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