6 Apps to Help You Become the Fashion Master at Your University


Are you trying to improve your sense of style when it comes to fashion? Maybe you want to be the go to source for the latest fashion trends at your school. With the explosion of smartphone apps on both Android and IOS, your new fashion expertise is never more than a download away. Both main mobile phone platforms each offer over an astounding 800,000 apps in their respective marketplaces now with many entirely devoted to fashion. Let’s look at just a few of those that can turn you into the fashion director in no time.


Viss is one of the coolest new social networks out there. This hoping community is designed for users to share and discover style. Members can upload pictures of their style, follow others and even tag specific products that they are using. Its kind of like Pinterest but with a narrower focus. If you see an item you like that a friend or subscriber lists, Viss will take you directly to a place where you can purchase it. This app is available on IOS and Android based phones.

Not for posers

With more than two million members, Pose is an app designed to teach users what to wear and how to wear it. Users can find information such as what to wear in specific weather conditions with information coming from celebrities, fashion bloggers or other members in the know in the fashion world.

Speaking clearly

Knowing what you are talking about is one of the biggest steps to becoming the go to source of fashion info in your university. Learning the designers, and better yet how to properly say their names is a good start. Have you ever watched an awards program like the Oscars and heard people commenting on the impossible to pronounce names of foreign designers? Speak Chic is an app full of audio files with pronunciations of hundreds of big time fashion designers as well as loaded with trivia which will help you impress all your friends with your fashion knowledge

Fabulous shopping experience

Want to buy the latest and greatest in the world of fashion? Fab is an app based off of the shopping site at fab.com. You can literally find anything here. Whatever your style or taste, you are bound to find something that you want, or discover something altogether new and exciting. Some 12 million users take advantage of Fab for easy fashion and design services. From shave sets to monkey costumes for children, Fab has just about everything.

Keeping up with the trends

Ok, that might be enough puns for one article, but Mobo Fashion Trends and Deals is another great app showing the latest creations from major designers everywhere. This is basically like the holy grail of fashion apps – an encyclopedia of knowledge and services at your fingertips. Better yet? The app is free.

Try it on for size

Fitting Room Social is an app for women only (sorry guys) that ignores boring size charts which, let’s be honest, frequently give the wrong size anyways. Instead, this app lets you look at fashion products worn by real girls that are your size. No more models and photo shopped images, this is the real deal. All users need to do is upload their measurements and just like magic you will only see other ladies that have the same as you.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as fashion related apps are concerned. A quick search in your app store will yield hundreds, if not thousands of results. Take advantage of the six apps I’ve listed above to give you a head start in becoming your school’s go to source for fashion expertise.

Julia Nichols is a freelance fitness and health blogger. In her free time she also enjoys learning about the latest fashion and beauty trends.

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