Activities for Kids at the Grand Canyon


Many people are skeptical about bringing their kids to the Grand Canyon, thinking it might be boring for them. However, that’s not the case. This phenomenal National Park is not only informative, but also provides a lot of different activities.

So, whether your kid is 4 years old or an over adventurous teenager, he will surely have the time of his life while visiting the Grand Canyon.

Junior Ranger Programs

Interpretive Junior Ranger Programs are one of the biggest highlights of visiting the Grand Canyon. Children between the ages of four and fourteen can participate in the Junior Ranger Programs. There are different packages depending on your children’s ages and the adventures that they wish to participate in. All their programs are free, and your kids earn certificates and badges based on their performance. These programs will not only be an exciting experience for your kids but will also spread awareness about the importance of preserving and restoring the environment.

Train Trip

It is a round trip that starts and ends at the South Rim and can last up to 4 hours. Your children will definitely enjoy the trip through the glass roof. There are performances by actors and musicians which keep everybody entertained. Some trips also include lunches.

Bird’s Eye View

Helicopter rides will definitely be a hit with children of all ages. They will be able to absorb the size and magnitude of the Grand Canyon National Park from the top, and will also have loads of stories to share with their friends and classmates when they get back home.

Mule Rides

Mule Rides are a popular activity for kids and adults alike. They are available all year round at the South Rim and from mid-May to mid-October at the North Rim. These trips are available for children of age 7 and above.


Short hikes are a good way of letting your kids absorb and experience this natural wonder. Guides provide a lot of information and interesting facts, and will also be able to answer most of the questions kids today seem to come up with. This will surely be a success.

Bus Tour

Air conditioned buses provide daily rides around the canon. You can choose from a number of different tours based on your schedule and interests.

Gift Shops

There are more than half dozen bookstores and gift shops within the Grand Canyon National Park. The bookshops are very resourceful, with books ranging from history and photography to geographical importance of the Grand Canyon. You can get souvenirs and memorabilia from the gift shops. Let your kids get postcards for their friends, or a traditional Native American necklace for the next costume party. As with everything around the Grand Canyon, the choices are endless at the gift stores too.

There are also a number of historical buildings that your kids will enjoy.

The park also has medical centers at both the South and the North Rims in case of emergencies. Chances are your kids are going to have a great time, and you never know they might end up pursuing a career in geology or archeology.

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