Bathroom Suites


Over the years the lavatory has been transformed from self-contained cubby at the end of the garden to a piece of interior design. The idea of modern day cleanliness comes from the bathroom. If your bathroom is clean and looks good you’ll receive a nod of approval from your guests. However to achieve bathroom respect you’ll need to consider a lot more than you may think.

1. Design

Firstly you’ll need to choose the right type of bathroom for your needs. Is it an en-suite? Is it there for convenience? Is it a guest bathroom? The bathroom can be a measure of your hospitality.  Modern bathrooms thus require some thought. How can you utilise the space accordingly? Does it go with the design of your house? Does it look good? These are all questions you should be asking yourself when refurbishing your bathroom.

2. Purpose

The growing popularity of spa baths, whirl baths and Jacuzzis has boomed over the years and therefore your surroundings have to accommodate these luxury items. The bathroom is no longer the small, sterile room under the stairs. The bathroom is now a room that can offer relaxation and retreat – especially with the inception of matching bathroom suites.

3. Natural or au naturel

Depending on where your bathroom is positioned in your house you have to consider how much natural light it’s going to get. Therefore, plan your lighting based on your bathroom’s position. Also think of the type of windows that’ll you want in the room. Large windows are great for bringing in that much needed light but they aren’t the best for retaining privacy. If you want to show the world how beautiful your house is it shouldn’t really be done through a bathroom window – especially if you’re in there.

4. Maintenance

Bathrooms need to be maintained. Consider what flooring you want to incorporate into your bathroom. Carpeted flooring can be disastrous in a room that gets wet, so try to consider other, more user-friendly, flooring options. If there’s a mad dash for the bathroom each morning consider incorporating an ‘easy clean’ bathroom. However, if you’re willing to put in the cleaning time there are some great tiles, countertops, and wall finishes that can transform your bathroom into something you’ll be proud of.

Some of us may neglect the fact that the bathroom needs some thought and planning before the installation process begins. However, don’t underestimate the effect that a bathroom has, as it’s now a showpiece of who we are.

Article written by Christopher Sheppard. Bathroom Suites are now an important part of the house.

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