Benefits of the Landfill Gas Extraction Industry


The world’s resources have been continuously depleted by human consumption giving rise to various environmental concerns such as pollution, global warming and others. This also gives rise to future problems of the worlds’ resources where it may not be able to constantly replace what is being lost. When taking this into consideration; other natural resources should be investigated in order for us to preserve what is still available.

Landfill gas extraction is seen as a beneficial means of collecting gas without even exploiting the earth’s natural resources. Landfill gas is extracted from the degradation of municipal solid waste through the action of various microorganisms. Landfill gas is primarily from the production of methane from the degrading waste. If you are looking for a cost-effective and environmental-friendly means of collecting gas, then landfill gas extraction is a top choice, considering the following benefits:

1. It provides locally available fuel sources

You don’t need to exploit other places just to get gas. In landfill gas extraction, the local municipal solid waste is enough to produce gas, making it readily available.

2. Easy to extract

Unlike other gas sources such as fossil fuels, landfill gas extraction is generally easy to employ by extraction experts. This makes it more cost-effective for the gas industry promoting more income.

3. It is renewable

Landfill gas extraction is also very beneficial because it is a renewable source of energy and faster than the fossil fuels. This limits the possible depletion of the earth’s resources.

4. Provides a constant supply of gas

Since the municipal solid wastes do not really become extinct (because people continuously produce solid waste), landfill gas is constantly available.

5. Utilizes a source of energy that is otherwise viewed as a waste

Solid wastes remain that way and people are not interested in them anymore. Without landfill gas extraction, billions of tons of methane gas in the world would have been turned into waste. With landfill gas extraction, this methane gas is turned into a worthwhile source of energy.

6. It is environmentally-friendly

The methane gas from landfills is one of the major sources of greenhouse gases that are so potent in yielding global warming. When methane gas is not extracted, it is continuously released into the environment through the millions of landfills in the world. With landfill gas extraction, methane gas is being transformed and utilized for worthwhile purposes reducing methane emissions, instead of being released into the earth’s atmosphere.

7. It is a source of green fuel

The use of landfill gas offsets the use of damaging fuels such as natural gas or oil. The use of landfill gas reduces the percentage of oil and natural gas use, protecting the environment even more.

8. Landfill gas is versatile

The gas extracted from landfills can be used for various purposes such as use for pipeline gas, infrared heaters, boilers, dryers as well as electricity generation and others.

9. Provides incentives

Since landfill gas extraction is very beneficial for the local inhabitants and the rest of the world, certain state policies provide incentives for extraction projects.

Landfill gas extraction is indeed very useful so discover landfill gas extraction and make the best out of the human waste.

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