Cars – The Love Hate Relationship


You might be so used to driving your car that you no longer consider whether it is something which enhances your life or not. This is an important point, as the main reason for getting a car is to make your life better, isn’t it?

With this in mind let’s take a look at some of the issues you need to think about in order to work out whether your car is giving you the benefits that it should do.

The Cost

We all know that a car takes a fair bit of cash out of your pocket but has it got to ridiculous extremes? The rising price of fuel and the cost of other things like the MOT and insurance can certainly blow a hole in anyone’s budget. However, it is still possible to run your vehicle without spending all of your money on it. The first step is to make sure that you choose the right car, of course. I have been tempted by a gas guzzler as much as anyone but I have always managed to pull back at the last minute. An affordable car will improve your life while one you can’t afford will make it a misery.

The Usage

How often do you really use your car? If you don’t get out in it as much as you would like to then you should consider why this is. After all, if it sits there motionless most of the time then it is going to be more of a burden than a pleasure for you. It could be the running costs which frighten you but perhaps you aren’t all that comfortable driving it for some reason. To really get the pleasure you want from your car you need to start using it more often.

The Image

The world is made up of two types of people; those who don’t care what their car looks like and those who do. Personally I would drive just about anything which got me from A to B without any hassle. My wife, on the other hand, wants a vehicle which looks good, matches her favourite handbag and – the most important point – is better than the neighbour’s latest car. There is nothing wrong with being concerned about the image you present and if you feel like this then you won’t be particularly happy driving round a car like mine. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t be happy driving round a car I was paying a lot of money for when I could get an equally good performance for a lot less. It’s a complicated world at times.

The Feeling

So, how does it feel when you slip behind the wheel? This is the ultimate test of any vehicle. If it makes you feel good then it is something which you will be glad to have in your life. What about if it is a vehicle which leaves you feeling distinctly unimpressed? I used to work with a guy who hated his car and this seemed to make his life miserable. I saw him kick it a couple of times and he even said that he hated it more than his job, which was saying something. I didn’t see anything really wrong with it but I guess that once your car starts to annoy you then it is a downward spiral from there. Maybe it is the performance or the constant problems which are getting you down. In any case, it is best to try and get rid of a car that makes you feel bad as soon as you can. You might be lucky and find one of those vehicles which makes you feel happy just by driving it. It is hard to explain what they have but there is definitely something special about some cars. You can also check out this website to get detailed information about automobiles.

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