Choosing Your Top Places To Relocate


Moving to a new home brings with it new expectations and excitement. Moving to a new home may mean new school for the children, new neighbors, new shops and restaurants. It may even mean new weather if you are moving far enough or maybe to a new country. Where ever you decide to move you will need to do some research on your potential new home to make sure you are in the best location for you that you can afford and that you are going to be truly comfortable in your new surroundings.

Why Move?

There are many reasons why people choose to move home or even move country. These can be wide and varied and are personal to each person who decides to move.

Downsizing House

Upsizing House

Move closer to Family/Friends


Moving for Work


Moving out of the City

All of the above points are valid and there are most likely more reasons as well. You may have to move because of work which can mean going to a completely new location or even country. You may wish to retire in a warmer climate for your twilight years. If the kids move out and suddenly you have a lot more empty space or if you are expecting another child, you may need to change where you live. Whatever your reason is for moving, before committing yourself to a new home, do some research on where you are moving to so you can make the best decision for all of the family.

Research your new surroundings

If you can visit your potential home a few times before you move, this will help you get familiar with the surroundings and work out the best location for you to set up your new home. If moving abroad this may be not so easy, but before committing yourself to the move, make sure you are going to be comfortable in your new surroundings. If you know friends or family living in the area then speak to them about what you are looking for, with them living in the local area they should be able to point you towards the ideal location for you. You can also check out the local papers and their websites to find out what is going on in your community before you even move in, this will also give you an idea of local activities and clubs that you may be interested in as well. Getting as much information on the local area that you can will help you in looking for your ideal new home.

Planning the move

Moving home is one of the most stressful things that we can do. That is why when moving home, especially over long distance or abroad using a professional house removal company will save you a lot of time and hassle. You can get a quote for free from as many companies as you like, but it is recommended to get at least four or five. Make sure that you use a company which is a member of one of the industry associations such as the British Association of Removers. This will make sure you are using a company that has a professional code of conduct and practices business within the specified guidelines within the industry. Always read the small print though, as the cheapest company is not always the best. As well as the small print you need to check the level of insurance coverage in the event of an accidental damage or loss of your property. This is where some companies can undercut the competition as the insurance coverage may not be as comprehensive, so is cheaper. Getting the quotes is straight forward enough, a representative of the company will visit your home and work out the size container or truck required to move all of your contents. Taking into account also the distance of the move, they will be able to give you a comprehensive quote moving from door to door. Then once you have chosen your desired company, you need to arrange your date of moving.

The big day

When the day of the move finally comes, all you need to do is watch as the professional house removal company comes in and packs all of your worldly belongings into removal boxes, disassembles all of the furniture which requires it and packs everything onto the truck. They will systematically work through every room in your house, clearing it at a surprising pace. Before you know it you will be locking the door of your old house for the final time and starting on the road to your new life.

Arriving at your new home

However far you are moving, it could be just round the corner, to the other end of the country or to a new country entirely there is an excitement about moving into a new home. When the house removal company arrives with your belongings, they will unload the truck just as quickly as it was loaded, take each box to the room that you specify and slowly bring your new home in to shape. Before long they will have all of the furniture reassembled and all of the packing material and removal boxes will be loaded onto the truck. Now all you need to do is settle your new home and start to enjoy your new life where ever you choose to move.

This article was written by Viviana Alberti for The House Removals Company. The House Removals Company is market leaders in relocation services. Viviana has two teenage children and has relocated her family several times. She enjoys sharing her stories and experiences in her blog.

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