Debunking Common Fallacies About Corporate Housing


Many travelers who have yet to experience an extended stay in a fully furnished corporate living space have numerous misconceptions about doing so. Mistaken notions abound regarding the amenities offered, who can access the properties, and the differences between staying in corporate housing versus a hotel room. Unfortunately, these notions cause many people to continue staying in hotels when they have other, arguably better, options available to them.

In this article, we’ll attempt to resolve a few fallacies that have circulated over the years regarding corporate housing. Our goal is not to convince you to lease a furnished apartment or condo during your next extended stay away from home. Instead, we hope to provide a level of clarity to an issue that continues to remain a mystery to some.

“Corporate Living Spaces Are Only For Executives”

It is understandable that many people feel this is the case. Many years ago, it was all but true. Companies would reserve apartments, condos, and townhouses for their employees. When executives were forced to travel for their jobs, commute long distances, or handle distant long-term engagements, they stayed in their companies’ furnished living quarters. It was easier and less expensive for companies to coordinate than reserving hotel rooms for their workers. Additionally, the experience was more pleasant for executives.

Today, corporate apartments are open to nearly anyone. For example, newlyweds stay in them while enjoying extended honeymoons; families lease them for vacations; and those who have recently been displaced from their homes take advantage of them as temporary living spaces.

As long as you plan to stay for a few weeks or longer, you can lease a fully furnished corporate apartment for nearly any reason.

“A Furnished Apartment Is Just Like A Hotel”

Those who have stayed in both corporate housing and a hotel suite can attest that the experiences are nothing alike. The former provides more space, access to more amenities, and a quieter environment than a hotel room. For example, you’ll have your own kitchen, fully-equipped with a refrigerator, sink, oven, stove, and microwave. A furnished living space also comes with high-speed net access, cable television, and a private washer and dryer.

If you prefer, your corporate housing provider can place you in living quarters that offer hardwood floors, a walk-in closet, a patio, and quick access to hiking trails, a swimming pool, and a gym. Some properties will also allow you to bring small pets (for an extra fee).

Hotels seldom provide these amenities. Most are designed to provide a reasonably comfortable space in which travelers can sleep and shower.

“Corporate Housing Is More Expensive Than A Hotel Room”

This misconception, among all others, is the obstacle that keeps many people from enjoying an extended stay in a furnished condo or apartment. They mistakenly believe that doing so costs more than renting a hotel room for the same period. Unfortunately, many neglect to investigate prices for themselves.

Corporate housing is often less expensive than staying in a hotel room. The companies that manage and own the properties do not contend with the same financial constraints as hotels. The result is that leasees can enjoy a more spacious, peaceful, and comfortable stay while paying less.

“Furnished Quarters Are Only Available In Inconvenient Locations”

Corporate apartments, townhouses, and condos are often located within residential neighborhoods, typically in the same cities that host hotels. With a rental car, you’ll be able to reach any area within minutes that you would be able to reach by taxi if you stayed in a hotel room. Additionally, you’ll have fast access to local restaurants, delis, movie theaters, and small shops, delights that often go undiscovered by those staying in hotels.

If you stay in a fully furnished corporate living space and regret the experience, you’ll have a good reason to opt for a hotel room down the road. But if you avoid the opportunity due to any of the fallacies we’ve addressed above, you’ll never know for certain whether the experience is preferable. The next time you intend to be away from home for a month or longer, consider leasing a corporate apartment. That way, you can decide for yourself. To learn more about how to get a corporate lease apartment, visit this website:  

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