7 Tips for a Successful Colonic Irrigation


Ease any lingering anxieties around your colonic irrigation treatment by taking the proper steps before your procedure. Watching your diet and receiving enough rest pre-treatment can create a pleasant, cathartic, stress-free experience. Whether you want to improve your mood, increase your overall hydration or reduce pressure in your abdominal area receiving colonic hydrotherapy can ease any discomfort related to poor elimination.

Perform thorough due diligence to gain confidence in both the procedure and specialist administering the treatment. By researching potential clinics and practitioners online you can gain a better understanding of colonic irrigation and decide if this treatment fits your needs.

Avoid Eating Fast Food before Your Treatment

Highly processed fast foods can slow down digestion. Fatty, sugary fast foods offer little nutritional benefit to your body. Promote a healthy colon and prepare yourself for your colonic irrigation by removing fast food from your diet. Cutting out fast foods also helps you shed weight, improves your cardiovascular health and improves your mood.

Cut Out Carbonated Drinks

Soft drinks and carbonated beverages create excess gas within your digestive tract.The buildup of gas in your bowels can block waste products which need to be eliminated before you undergo your colonic irrigation treatment. Devote your time at the treatment center to undergoing your colonic therapy, not passing excess gas.Stick to drinking water to effectively hydrate your body.

Rest Well Before Your Session

Prepare for your big day at the treatment center by resting adequately. Reduce your stress levels, relax your body and facilitate the post procedure recovery process by sleeping for at least 7 to 8 hours before receiving colonic hydrotherapy. If you cannot get 7 hours of sleep take one or two short cat naps during the day.

Consume Vegetable Juices

Taking in fresh vegetable juices stimulates the bowels and improves your mood. Drinking fresh vegetable juices helps you clear out your digestive tract before your colonic procedure. Vegetables are high fiber, low calorie snacks which satiate your appetite and strengthen your immune system.

Avoid Caffeinated Drinks

Caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee act as aggressive diuretics. Flushing your body of water can create an uncomfortable, agitating colonic irrigation session. Cut caffeine-laden beverages out of your diet to create a more pleasant experience. High caffeine drinks might also raise your blood pressure and create a sense of anxiety concerning your procedure.

Cease Alcohol Consumption

Consuming alcohol can affect the function of your colon. Taking in beer, whiskey, wine, gin or any other alcoholic beverage can also create a diuretic effect. Cease drinking alcohol for at least 1 to 2 days before your appointment to remain hydrated and alert during your colonic irrigation treatment.

Increase Water Intake

Drinking a sufficient amount of water daily helps to improve your cell function, accelerate your recovery time following intense workouts and effectively lubricates the digestive tract. Consume at least six 8 ounce glasses of water to remain adequately hydrated before your session.

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